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Environmental affairs

ERA is committed to supporting a transition to more sustainable aviation. To achieve this requires utilising a basket of measures and the association is therefore active on a number of environmental initiatives, including the EU ETS, CORSIA, the European Green Deal and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs), to ensure they are fit for purpose for the industry and can make a real contribution to reducing aviation's environmental footprint.

See also our sustainable aviation pages here for more information on our sector and our members' environmental initiatives.

EUROCONTROL’s data snapshot on sustainability

5 October 2021: Following the summer’s traffic, on 21 Septe

Alliance on Zero Emission Aviation

7 September 2021: The European Commission has launched a co

Updates on Taxonomy – sustainable finance

7 September 2021: Following the launch of the public consul

EUROCONTROL study on climate change risks for EU aviation

6 September 2021: Eurocontrol has published its study on cl

ITF report: Decarbonising Air Transport

31 August 2021: The International Transport Forum has published

Fit for 55 package

22 July 2021: ERA has se

Decarbonising Transport. A Better, Greener Britain

22 July 2021: The UK Government has set out its commitments and

TRAN Committee’s study on EU ETS and aviation

13 July 2021: The TRAN Committee has requested a study on Th

EUROCONTROL’s Aviation Sustainability Briefings

13 July 2021: On 9 July, Eurocontrol published its third edition

Destination 2050 - latest updates for members

12 July 2021: Following publication of the Destination 2050

UK aviation industry sets new interim targets

29 June 2021: The UK aviation industry has set new interim

Climate law rejected in Switzerland

29 June 2021: The carbon emissions law adopted by the Swiss

EUROCONTROL’s data snapshot on sustainability

15 June 2021: EUROCONTROL has published its 11th data

EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on sustainability

27 May 2021: EUROCONTROL Stakeholder Forum on electrific

Fit for 55 package updates

19 May 2021: Fit for 55 package and ReFuel EU further de

ICCT paper on tankering and SAFs

19 May 2021: The International Council on Clean Transportation (

Update on the ReFuel EU Aviation initiative

20 April 2021: On 20 April, DG MOVE gave an update on the ReFuel

EUROCONTROL Think Paper on the perfect green flight

20 April 2021: On 20 April, EUROCOTNROL published its 10th

European Environmental Agency’s Train or Plane? Report

24 March 2021: In light of the Paris Agreement and the European

European Commission launches European Innovation Council

18 March 2021: On 18 March, the European Commission


17 March 2021: European Commission’s assessment on CORSI

French climate law

10 February 2021: French President Macron presented a proposal f

ECAC’s fourth environmental forum

27 January 2021: On January 19, 20 and 21 ECAC hosted the fourth

Update on aviation’s non-CO2 effects

9 December 2020: The European Commission has requested that the