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Contingency Planning

The operational consequences of 9/11, Icelandic volcanic eruptions and any accident and/or incident involving aviation will always remind us of the need to be fully prepared for any event. The wide range of issues that need to be taken into account and the essential cascade of information to a large number of staff and external organisations is immense in order to handle any incident, but also to ensure continued business operations.

Intense media attention has to be expected and essential contact data frequently changes and therefore must be kept current. Practical advice and current guidance from experts in contingency planning is essential for anyone establishing new procedures or reviewing and revising their existing procedures. Regular exercises and procedural reviews are essential as the air transport industry constantly faces fresh challenges with new safety regulations, new equipment and a sometimes uncertain economic climate.

Well-trained, highly motivated staff will be instrumental in successfully handling any incident, from a near-miss or relatively minor accident up to the sort of major incident we all hope never to experience.

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