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Environmental and Social


ERA IAG ESG Sep 23 ERA presentation.pdf
ERA IAG ESG Sep 23 DG CLIMA presentation.pdf
ERA IAG ESG Sep 23 Deutsche Aircraft presentation.pdf
ERA IAG ESG Sep 23 ASD presentation.pdf
ERA IAG ESG Sep 23 Amelia presentation.pdf

Latest Meeting: 24/01/2024 0900hrs to 1500hrs
ERA Group Events

The Environment and Social Group (ESG) provides a forum to address environmental and social issues affecting our industry. Environment, diversity and inclusion, pilot and skills shortages and related policies are among the issues addressed. The decisions taken by this group allow the ERA team to effectively influence European policy institutions to benefit ERA members’ interests. The meetings of the ESG are scheduled jointly with the IAG meetings to facilitate the involvement of the members’ experts engaged in both groups.

Who should attend?  Representatives from member companies in the following roles; industry affairs or environment.
What does it cost to attend?  Meetings are free to attend for any representative from an ERA member company.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the group? Please contact
When is the next meeting?  The date of the next meeting will be announced in due course. Registration will open prior to the meeting.
How do I register for the next meeting?  Please click on ERA Group Events (in blue) at the top of the page to transfer to the registration page when available.
What happened at the last meeting?  Download the action items and presentations from the last meeting from the drop-down menu.
Who is the chair and vice chair/s for the group? See below.

If you are a representative from a member company and require a password to retrieve papers or downloads, please contact