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SSDC plenary and subgroup on gender diversity


SSDC plenary and subgroup on gender diversity

29 November 2022: Following on from the social partners conference in September, the sectoral social dialogue committee for civil aviation plenary meeting between all the various social partner subgroups took place in Brussels at the end of October.

Attended by employer and employee organisations from ATM, ground handling and aircrew working groups as well as representatives from the European Commission, the plenary discussed the staff shortage issues felt at airports this summer and the unruly passengers workstream including the upcoming publication of the compendium of best practices which will be cascaded to members in due course.

ERA was delighted to be able to present an overview of the IATA 25by2025 initiative that many ERA members have already signed up to, as well as the initial, anonymised results of the ERA survey on gender balance that the association carried out over the summer.

A fruitful discussion was held afterwards, where all parties agreed that the subject of gender diversity was key topic that was deserving of specific attention by the social partners. Whilst 25by2025 is a great initiative, it is a milestone and should not be considered the final destination when in comes to gender balance.

To that end, the partners agreed that a subgroup should be established to look into this topic in greater detail. A series of three meetings are expected over the next 12 months to firstly brainstorm, define the scope and agree a way forward which may include various fact finding and data collection from the social partner stakeholders. This will be following by a second meeting to discuss the various content, and a third meeting to finalise the output ahead of presenting to the SSDC Plenary in 2023.

The subgroup will also take into consideration how this can work in conjunction with the European Year of Skills for 2023 and the paths to diversity that are being addressed in other work streams over the next 12 months.

ERA will keep members appraised of progress and we look forward to working with our members to promote the best practices that regional airlines and aviation partners deploy in this important area.

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22 September 2022: The EU social partners, representing both employer and employee associations, met on 15 and 16 September in Brussels to discuss both the future of the social dialogue platform and best practices associated with disruption and unruly passengers.

Along with EASA, the European Commission, employer and employee associations, interventions and contributions were made by ERA members Luxair, HOP! and Novair.

Following consultation with ERA operation group members, a joint declaration was agreed by all the social partner associations, and was published on 22 September. The main commitments being to:

  • Reminding all passengers that they are responsible for their own behaviour and they need to be “fit to fly”.
  • Cooperating with national authorities and regulators on these matters
  • Cooperating with local police and security services to address incidents quickly
  • Providing information to passengers reminding them of the consequences and illegality of verbal and physical abuse on aviation workers
  • Making sure that financial consequences are severe enough to prevent unruly behaviour
  • In the most severe cases, stopping repeat offenders from engaging in abusive behaviour through banning them from airports or airlines
  • Providing training to staff in order to deescalate disruptive passengers, recovering service, and managing aggressive behaviour
  • Ensuring staff have the support to deal with mental and physical health issues stemming from disruptive passenger incidents

Also presented was a draft on a compendium of best practices on preventing and managing disruptive passengers in civil aviation.

You can access both the joint declaration and draft compendium (which is currently locked for members only) in the downloads tab in the top right of this page.

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