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Eurocontrol's Fees and Charges

Latest update 30 March 2016


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ERA’s Current Position

The equivalent charge per passenger, already considerably greater for smaller aircraft, would increase if the aircraft weight element were removed or adjusted to take less account of aircraft weight. There is a need for continued downward pressure on the cost bases used by states for the calculation of national unit rates and on the costs of the Eurocontrol Agency itself. The enlarged Committee for Route Charges meets in March and June to provide the estimated unit rates for the following year and in November when the forecast figures are finalised. ERA has observer status and is generally represented on the Eurocontrol enlarged Committee for Route Charges, at which it is able to make its views heard. Unit rates and costs are published in Regional International normally in January respectively for the following year.
The ERA team has been working on the proposals by EU member states for their performance plans for ATM cost effectiveness for the period 2015-2019. These performance plans include commitments by states on costs and charges for ATM across the period. Working closely with the other European operator associations, the Directorate has been pushing for greater cost effectiveness amongst states at various formal consultations as well as scrutinising the draft plans submitted to the European Commission (EC). On 06 November 2015 ERA wrote to the EC to express its formal concerns on the draft plans submitted by some states, in particular, Germany. The letter sent to the EC can be found in the downloads section of this page.

On 20 April 2016, ERA attended the 53rd meeting of the Study Group of the Enlarged Committee for Route Charges, at Eurocontrol, Brussels. A report of the meeting (including follow-up actions) can be located in the downloads section of this page.


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