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EU 2015/2302 PTD and LTAs

Latest update 26 November 2019


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ERA's current position

ERA have been contacted by the Department for Transport to request involvement on behalf of its members. ERA continues to monitor the matter, as there may be implications for airline members .


Latest update 26/11/2019: ERA, together with  member airline Aurigny, have attended a workshop organised by the European Commission on the application of the Directive on package travel and linked travel arrangements in the airline sector. At this workshop, experiences with the application of the new Directive were discussed, in particular the airlines’ role as organiser of packages and/or facilitator of linked travel arrangements and their ensuing obligations relating to information to travellers, contract performance and insolvency protection. The workshop was concluded with the information from the Commission that there will be an evaluation of the Directive carried out next year, including a targeted stakeholder consultation (scheduled around the summer) involving the airline community.

15/03/2018: ERA have attended meetings with the DfT to gain further insight into the aims of this consultation. The Directive itself is complex and there are many questions regarding third country operators and the matter of Linked Travel Arrangments (LTA's). Further there is mention in the consultation, point 10, of further reform to ensure insolvency protection. The Airline Insolvency Review has been launched in the last fortnight. ERA hopes to meet with the Deputy Director of the review with the aim of gaining clarity for member airlines. If members should have any questions or would like to discuss any points raised, direct contact with the DfT can be made through the following link