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For all enquiries on ERA policy and technical issues, please contact the following staff:

Nick Rhodes, Head of Operations, Safety and Infrastructure 
Nick represents ERA members in Operational matters including Air Traffic Management and the deployment of the European Single Sky Project - SESAR, Performance Based Navigation and associated Data-Link, and Aircraft Tracking. He sits on European Commission, EASA Flight Standards and EUROCONTROL Consultative Groups and is responsible for operational, SESAR deployment issues and the Chief Financial Officers Group.

Martina Di Palma, Sustainability Manager 
Martina represents ERA’s members on environmental issues, such as market based mechanisms (EU ETS and CORSIA), sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), operations and technology. She promotes the work of ERA’s members in this area and works on specialist studies and research, such as ERA’s Green and Sustainable Connectivity report.

Solène Flahault, Head of Aero-Political 
Solène represents the ERA membership on general policy matters including amongst other consumer affairs, competition, air services regulation and slots. Solène is responsible for the ERA Industry Affairs Group (IAG). She has a wealth of experience in a range of regulatory lobbying activities in Aviation and also outside of the sector.

Brussels Office: ERA (European Regions Airline Association), Office 50.710, Eurocontrol, Rue de la Fusée, 96, 1130 Brussels, Belgium