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Web Manuals – COVID-19 offer

Web Manuals – COVID-19 offer

The consequences of the COVID-19 virus have severely affected the entire aviation industry and Web Manuals want to continue supporting innovation and digitisation throughout the industry. During these challenging times, being able to communicate with your team is incredibly important. For the aviation industry, the changing restrictions and regulations mean that staying up to date is more important than ever. Therefore Web Manuals offers our product for free for all airlines and ACMI operators until 31 August.

Web Manuals specialises in developing digital document management solutions for the aviation industry, making digitisation, authoring, and distribution of operational documentation easy and accessible to operators of all sizes. This brings significant savings in time and administrative costs while improving regulatory compliance and flight safety. This is especially important during a time when resources are limited, and personnel is physically separated.

  • Unlimited free licenses
  • for professional or enterprise packages
  • free open online training for all editors
  • offer is valid until 31 August

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Paul Sandström, Director of Operations EMEA
Phone: +46 (0)70 955 08 12
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