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Security funding


Security Funding


ERA believes that Governments have responsibility for the protection of citizens in the air and on the ground, and that therefore aviation security should be funded from central tax, not just from airports, airlines and passengers. This should not be construed as ‘State Aid’.

  • More stringent individual state security measures, above EU ‘base line’, are the manifestation of specific attacks on those states policies or actions and therefore should be funded by that state.
  • Other modes of transport (our direct competitors) do not have to fund their own security costs (yet have also been targeted by terrorism) – anti-terrorist security should be funded by central taxation or EU funding.

The significant increase in aviation security costs in recent years is primarily due to the need to protect the travelling public and the air transport industry against terrorism. Airlines are perceived by terrorist groups as both a target and a weapon. Many ERA airlines are affiliated to 'flag carriers', associated with member states. Attacks against airlines thus form part of the strategy of some terrorist campaigns against individual EU states. It therefore must be understood that the provision of anti-terrorism protection is a state responsibility and that the costs of all measures related to counter-terrorism should be borne by states through general taxation.


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