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Webinar on H2-powered aviation

On 22 June, the H2-powered aviation event took place. Clean Sky and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking have commissioned an independent study on hydrogen-powered aviation, which has been executed by McKinsey & Company. The results of the study were released during this webinar.

It is expected that hydrogen will play an important role in the decarbonisation of aviation alongside with other solutions like ATM improvements, MBMs and SAF. Hydrogen and new disruptive technologies are expected to reduce the sectors emissions by 50 to 90 per cent, aligning the aviation industry to the EU’s climate targets within the Green Deal. H2 could potentially enter into service by 2035 for the short-range sector. 

The study showed that hydrogen can become a compelling option for aviation, research and innovation in the field need to be boosted as research needs to start now in order to benefit from such technology in 10-15 years. A demonstrator is also required by 2028 for the short range aircraft. Finally, it is expected that such technology can lead to an additional charge on the passenger of only €18. 

In addition, Commissioner for Transport Valean and Deputy DG for Research and Innovation gave keynote speeches and the following industry experts contributed to the panel discussion: Bart Biebuyk (Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking), Axel Krein (Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking), Glenn Llewellyn (Airbus Group), Stéphane Cueille (Safran Group), David Burns (Global Business Development), Linde Per Ekdunge (PowerCell), Rolf Henke (German Aerospace Centre).

You will find the full report in the downloads section on this page.