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SESAR DM launches ADS-B newsletter

SESAR Deployment Manager was mandated by the European Commission to implement ADS-B. A newsletter has been launched to keep stakeholders updated on developments.

During the past few months, the ADS-B team delivered according to the ADS-B Implementation Plan which was handed to the European Commission by SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) at the end of 2018. At the beginning of March 2019, the plan was validated and the formal agreement of the European Commission to continue the work on ADS-B was given to SDM.

The SDM held a meeting at their offices in Brussels on 16 May with ERA members to discuss the specific requirements and very importantly, the significant obstacles presented to European regional operators by the ADS-B element of the Surveillance Performance Interoperability Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 which lays down the requirements on the systems contributing to the provision of surveillance data, their constituents and associated procedures.

The regulation was amended twice, by (EU) No 1028/2014 and by (EU) No 2017/386 due to, among other reasons, delays in certification and availability of required equipment, as well as industrial capacity constraints for equipping aircraft and synchronisation with the ADS-B mandate in USA. This last amendment postpones the aircraft equipment of ADS-B Out functionality by 7 June 2020.

Highlights of the newsletter describe how airborne equipage has apparently doubled since October 2018 in the European Union. This trend is in line with the airspace users' plans reported to SDM, which aims to reach full equipment in the European Union within the next few years.

Additionally, according to the latest planning data aggregated by SDM, airspace users provided data for almost 60 per cent of all EU-registered aircraft affected by the European ADS-B Regulation.

A dedicated ADS-B website has been launched by the SDM at Its goal is to provide a frequently-updated snapshot of the deployment status in Europe, to inform the public on ADS-B and how it can help the Single European Sky achieving its goal, and thus how it can contribute to a safer and more sustainable air transport.

For ADS-B stakeholders, the website will be a helpful tool to see how ADS-B implementation is progressing. SDM intends to update progress on the website on a monthly basis.

The newsletter can be viewed here and subscription is available through this link: Completing the subscription form

For more information, contact or the SDM through the links provided.