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New Director of Network Management appointed

Following the retirement of Joe Sultana, Director of Network Management, based at Eurocontrol, his successor Iacopo Prissinotti took over at the beginning of July as Director of Network Management.

Prissinotti brings a wealth of experience to the role. He comes to Eurocontrol from ENAV, the Italian air navigation service provider (ANSP), where he has amassed considerable experience over the years, starting as an air traffic controller, and rising to the position of Head of International Strategies.

He is highly experienced at working on large and complex system changes (Co-flight, 4-Flight), advanced technology (Aireon), European ANSP coordination (A6) and technology programme roll-outs in Italy, and was a key driver in the formation of the SESAR Deployment Manager. He has considerable experience with change management, and was directly involved in the IPO of ENAV as well as its Centre Consolidation Programme.

His appointment follows the European Commission’s decision to reappoint Eurocontrol as the Network Manager (NM) for the next decade with a strengthened mandate, and he will play a key role in driving the evolution of the Eurocontrol NM to meet its new tasks.