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Florence Air Forum on Air Services Regulation

The 13th Florence Air Forum on Air Services Regulation, organised by the Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation, gathered policy makers, industry representatives, and academics to exchange views on the refined policy options developed by the Commission for the various areas identified in the evaluation of the regulation (published in July 2019).

The event was organised as part of the Impact assessment study launched by the European Commission to help assess whether – apart from the areas identified in its own evaluation – further measures could further contribute to a well-functioning internal aviation market and its global competitiveness, while also contributing to the protection of consumer interests and to safeguarding high EU safety, social and environmental standards.

In the course of this work, the Commission developed a number of preliminary policy options for the various areas identified in the evaluation and asked its external consultant to assess the possible impacts of these options. Interviews of a representative sample of stakeholders and a targeted consultation among all relevant stakeholder categories were conducted in the third quarter of 2019 to gather stakeholders’ views, on among other things, the proposed options for the various topics identified. Taking into account the input gathered, the Commission has been able to further refine its initially identified options that were presented during the workshop.

The discussions took place in the following thematic sessions :

  1. ownership and control;
  2. operating license and principal place of business and temporary licence;
  3. applicable labour law and competent jurisdiction;
  4. leasing;
  5. price transparency;
  6.  traffic distribution rules; and
  7. public service obligations.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for a discussion on the Air Services Regulation in the context of the Commission’s Green deal.

Options for regulatory amendment in each policy area will be presented further in detail at the next Industry Affairs Group meeting. Workshop materials will be shared with registered attendees but can be also obtained by contacting