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EUROCONTROL Agency Advisory Body Meeting

The Agency Advisory Body held its most recent meeting last week at the agency’s Headquarters in Brussels on 23-24 October. ERA was in attendance.

The Agency Advisory Body (AAB) is effectively a stakeholder consultation and operational consultation group that operates jointly with the Civil-Military Interface Standing Committee (CMIC) and advises the Director General on operational and technical matters. Membership is comprised of stakeholders from all elements of European air traffic management, including the European Commission, states, air navigation service providers, airports, manufacturers and airspace users. The AAB has close links to a number of specialist technical teams, such as the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Team of which ERA is a member. These teams represent a significant streamlining of the consultation process which results in a substantial saving of time for the agency’s stakeholders and the AAB provides a meaningful opportunity for the teams to report on recent activity to the broader stakeholder group.

This meeting provided an update on the EUROCONTROL - EASA 2018-2019 Working Programme, which has enabled the agency to provide expert training to EASA personnel, increase and improve cooperation between the two agencies and to seek opportunities within the work programme to avoid duplication of tasks.

Other notable agenda items included a discussion on the finalisation of the campaign for the Single European Skies ATM Masterplan - development and support for its new schedule; a high-profile event is planned before the launching of the Master Plan formal consultation on 22-23 January 2019 and the AAB agreed to undertake its envisaged role to coordinate EUROCONTROL’s opinion during the formal consultation process, including holding an AAB special event on 19 March 2019.

The Agency Advisory Body welcomed the presence of SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) at the meeting, noted the information provided on the latest developments and encouraged further collaboration with SDM. Currently engaged in a consultation exercise concerning the implantation of Regulation (EU) N°1207/2011 (Surveillance Performance And Interoperability) the so-called SPI Regulation, SDM is drawing on the technical expertise of both EUROCONTROL and EASA in determining a smooth, timely deployment.

Results of work in the field of Performance-Based Navigation, cyber security and Remotely Piloted Airborne Systems was also discussed. This meeting marked the last chaired by Per-Harald Pedersen who has reached his end of term, therefore, the Agency Advisory Body recommended unanimously to the Director General to appoint Lise Kronborg (NAVIAR, Denmark) as the new Chairperson and Harry Daly (UK CAA) as the new civil integration vice-Chair for the years 2019-2020.

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