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ERA discusses UK plans with DfT

Last week, ERA met with the UK Department for transport for updates on the UK’s EU exit and international strategy. Items discussed included the following:

Transition period:

  • When the UK leaves the EU on 31 January it will enter into the transition period. As agreed as part of the Withdrawal Agreement the UK will apply the same rules and regulations during the transition period as now.
  • For aviation this means that UK and EU carriers and airports will continue to operate as they do now. This is for both market access and the regulatory framework they operate in.
  • During the transition period, UK nationals are not EU citizens however for the purposes of  EU legislation UK nationals will be treated as if they were still EU citizens.
  • This means that passengers will be able to arrive or depart a UK or EU airport as now.

Future negotiations:

  • The UK government is focussed on securing the best arrangements for their future relationship with the EU so that the aviation industries in the UK and EU can continue to thrive and passengers across the UK and the EU continue to have high levels of connectivity and choice at attractive prices.
  • The UK’s objectives for a future partnership with the EU are to agree an ambitious and comprehensive air transport agreement, which enables the aviation industry to evolve and innovate. The UK wants this agreement to preserve the air connectivity that consumers benefit from today, and ensure continued close cooperation on aviation safety and security.
  • Air Service Agreements have historically been negotiated separately from Free Trade Agreements and there would be benefits to continue this well-established approach.
  • Now we must move at pace to negotiate and deliver a successful outcome for aviation. That is what UK and EU business and consumers expect and need. It is the right thing to do.
  • As a responsible Government, the UK continues to plan for all scenarios.

Also discussed the was the recently-announced review on regional connectivity:

  • The UK Government has recently announced additional measures to support and enhance regional connectivity across the UK, to ensure all corners of the country drive the economy, and can fully benefit from prosperity in years to come.
  • In a sign of the Prime Minister’s commitment to levelling up all regions of the UK, a review of regional connectivity will ensure all nations and regions of the UK have the domestic transport connections local communities rely on – including regional airports.
  • As part of this work and ahead of the March Budget, the Treasury will also be reviewing Air Passenger Duty to ensure regional connectivity is strengthened while meeting the UK’s climate change commitments to meet net zero by 2050.
  • The outcomes of these reviews will benefit the entire industry, passengers, communities, regions and nations across the UK.