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ERA calls for urgent action in advance of Brexit

On behalf of ERA’s 205 members, ERA has called for urgent action in advance of the UK leaving the European Union. Recognising ERA’s 50 member airlines alone, 1.8 million routes across Europe will be effected in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, ERA is calling for a wide-reaching reciprocal aviation agreement between the EU and the UK to prevent serious harm to European connectivity. A ‘no-deal’ outcome could have disastrous consequences for the aviation industry, including the grounding of many flights across EU countries and the UK, as well as significant impact on many other critical areas of aviation, such as air services agreements, aviation safety and security, border management and the environment.

ERA’s position on Brexit remains unchanged – to ensure open and free traffic rights for all EU and UK carriers between the EU and the UK, that EASA regulations continue to apply to UK carriers and that the EU and UK carriers can continue to freely lease aircraft to each other without prior approval. Now is the time to definitively confirm a reciprocal agreement that protects the established pillars of European aviation.

There is clear evidence that improved air connectivity is a precondition for sustainable economic growth and an integrated aviation market in Europe has yielded significant benefits to the EU and the wider European market.

ERA urges the European Commission to put in place an agreement for aviation that mirrors the current situation with the UK as the highest priority, and to reach a solution as soon as possible that will allow airlines to continue operating as they do today, enabling Europeans to continue benefiting from affordable and stress-free travel. 

Please see ERA’s full paper on Brexit attached.