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ERA briefs MEPs at SME Europe Working Dinner

Following an invitation, ERA presented its members’ priorities during a working dinner organised by SME Europe on 16 July in Strasbourg. The event, titled ‘Compact overview and fast outlook for SME policy in Europe’ took place in the European Parliament with participation of approximately 20 newly (re-)elected MEPs.

SMEs are the foundation of Europe’s economy, accounting for 99 per cent of all businesses, employing two-thirds of the labour force and generating over 50 per cent of  European GDP. Europe’s SMEs are the cornerstone for regional employment and create highly-innovative products that are in demand throughout the world. SMEs and entrepreneurship are keys to ensuring economic growth, innovation, job creation and social integration in Europe. To secure further successful development of European SMEs, a productive and cross-sectoral dialogue is needed.

In order to establish this dialogue, SME Europe invited SME executives and experts to present their sectorial opportunities and challenges of the coming years to the newly (re-)elected MEPs of the European People's Party.

With this working dinner, the aim of SME Europe was to create an informative and sustainable exchange, that will support European SMEs and ensure further European prosperity. Guest speakers amongst others were Ivan Stefanec MEP, Member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, President of SME Europe of the EPP, Christoph Leitl, President of EUROCHAMBRES and Honorary President of SME Europe. ERA contributed to the event by giving a short presentation under the travel and tourism section, where Klaus Knoepfle, Managing Director of kkconsult and vice-chair of the ERA Industry Affairs Group briefed the audience on the main priorities for the association. The event also gave an opportunity to build connections to TRAN Committee Members of the European Parliament, with the opportunity for possible follow-up and lobby meetings.