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EC and EASA respond to joint association letter on U-Space

On 18 May, the European aviation associations, under the ‘We are all One in the Sky’ initiative, published an open letter to the EC Transport Commissioner identifying several areas that the group felt needed to be further addressed with regards to supporting the safe integration of drones. ERA has now received responses from both the Commissioner and EASA.

In response to the open letter, Adina Valean, the EC Transport Commissioner noted the support of the group for the development of a regulatory framework in the context of U-Space, but did not respond positively to the wish for a new and comprehensive consultation explaining that in the previous consultations had generated a significant amount of feedback which had generated an EASA opinion and draft regulation. However, the door was not closed and the group are now working with the EC to understand how “further opportunities for stakeholders to provide views and comments regarding the requirements linked to the creation of a U-space airspace, whether to the Commission’s services, the Agency or to member states.”

In tandem, EASA, through Partick Ky, EASA Executive Director, responded in further detail to the six areas identified in the open letter. The response provided some interesting clarifications including the relationship between USSP and ATS providers and the role of the common information service as single point of truth.

However, current thinking is that it does not fully address the concerns raised on conflict management and flight authorisation service.

The letter from Adina Valean and the response from EASA are available to download from the top of this page.

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