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CORSIA baseline decision

On 30 June, the ICAO Council reached an agreement to use 2019 emissions only for the baseline of CORSIA during the pilot phase (2021–2023). It was recognised that the COVID-19 crisis will have an impact on the 2020 emissions and that a baseline based on 2019 and 2020 average emissions would lead to a significant increase in offsetting requirements compared to what was forecasted during CORSIA negotiations.

The ICAO Council has agreed that:

  • Actual 2020 emissions should not be used for any CORSIA design features.
  • During the pilot phase, 2019 emissions will be used instead of 2020 emissions for CORSIA’s baseline and other design elements. De facto, this will amount to using 2019 emissions only for the determination of the baseline. This will not be achieved through an amendment to Annex 16 volume IV, but through the publication of the CORSIA 'implementation elements' by the Council.
  • The Council will consider amendments to Assembly Resolution A40-19 to also use only 2019 emissions beyond the pilot phase. The amendments will be presented to the 41st session of the Assembly for decision.

Using 2019 emissions only will stabilize net emissions from international aviation at about 580 million tonnes of CO2, according to IATA, which is equivalent to the level of ambition expected before the crisis.

The ICAO Council will have the opportunity to review CORSIA’s baseline in the 2022 CORSIA periodic review and establish if any further adjustments are required due to COVID-19.

You will find IATA’s latest analysis (1 July 2020) on the impact of COVID-19 on CORSIA in the downloads section at the top of this page.