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Norwegian Air Passenger Tax

Latest update 14 December 2016


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ERA has been following the issue very closely in cooperation with members operating in Norway, the other European airline associations under the leadership of IATA both in delivering a common response to the consultation process and, now, to implement the lobbying actions that will be necessary at national level to oppose this new tax.

As stated in the recently-published position on the European Commission’s Communication on 'An Aviation Strategy for Europe', ERA welcomes the Strategy’s recognition of the economic burden of aviation-specific taxes, levies and disproportionate regulation. More efficient, market-based mechanisms, are a more cost effective and environmentally sound solution to tackle emissions from aviation, therefore ERA recommends that the EU’s legislators propose a set of concrete measures to member states to remove aviation-specific taxes. ERA also recommends a full review of existing regulation to reduce the regulatory burden placed on the industry. 


Latest update 14/12/2016: The Norwegian Government, in its budget proposal for 2017, recommended an increase to the Air Passenger Tax from NOK 80 to NOK 82 per departing domestic and international passenger, where domestic departures would continue to be subject to VAT at 10 per cent. The increase, if approved, would be applied on a flown passenger basis as opposed to a sales/ticket basis and would be effective as of January 2017.  IATA has submitted letters to the Norwegian authorities requesting that the proposed increase be removed and at a very minimum, that the increase be applied on a sales/ticket basis..


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