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Chief Financial Officers


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Latest Meeting: 10/03/2020 0830hrs to 2200hrs
Location: London United Kingdom

Are you an ERA airline chief financial officer (CFO), finance director or other senior financial representative?  If the answer is yes then the chief financial officers’ group is the ERA group you should attend, support and ultimately benefit from. The group’s motivation is to support ERA’s airline members in improving their efficiency, performance and financial management in key focussed areas, through its twice yearly meetings. The group’s intention is to develop best practice and to communicate pertinent information that can help drive significant results for those in attendance.

Who should attend? Representatives from an ERA member companies in the following roles; CEO and senior financial representatives
What are the meeting rules? Participants at the group will adhere to all relevant competition laws and guidelines and will act in a transparent manner at all times. Revenue and pricing policies will therefore not be discussed.
What does it cost to attend? Meetings are free to attend for any representative from an ERA member company.
Is the meeting restricted? Attendance at the meeting is available to senior financial representatives from all ERA members.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the group?
What has the group achieved?  Following nearly four years of intensive lobbying activity by ERA and our members, the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced on 18 July 2017 that its Board of Directors have approved funding of a total of €546m for ERA members KLM Cityhopper and Air Nostrum. This investment is part of a total of €1bn that the EIB has earmarked for European regional airline fleet renewal and is comprised of loans of €296m for Air Nostrum as part of a fleet renewal programme for the purchase of new Bombardier CRJ1000s and €250m for KLM Cityhopper for the acquisition of new more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Embraer 175 and 190s to replace ageing Fokker 70s. Recognition by the EIB of the need for fleet financing for Europe’s regional airlines, as communicated to ERA’s management team in October 2016 by EIB Vice President Pim van Ballekom, marked a significant milestone in the project, however the approval of the Bank Management Board to extend credit for the purchase of new, environmentally sensitive and more fuel efficient aircraft to ERA members is testament to the hard work and effort of all involved in the initiative. The ERA Chief Financial Officers' Group is already in the preparatory stages of organising a meeting to discuss with the EIB the best way to proceed with a view to potentially extending the scope of the project and increasing accessibility to credit for ERA airline and lessor members.
When is the next meeting?  Details of the next meeting to follow.
How do I register for the next meeting? Please click on ERA Group Events (in blue) at the top of the page to transfer to the registration page (when available).
What happened at the last meeting? Download the minutes and presentations from the last meeting from the drop-down menu.
What are the objectives of the group?  Download the terms of reference from the drop-down menu.
Who is the chair and vice chair/s for the group? See the photos and names at the bottom of the page.

If you are a representative from a member company and require a password to retrieve papers or downloads, please contact