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Unconfirmed minutes AEA De-icing WG 24-25 May 2016.docx
European Aircraft Deicing Working Group Meeting Minutes - VIE 7-8 March 2017.pdf

Latest update 10/03/2017: please see below for more details.


ERA Recommends that every airline contains within its de/anti-icing programme a clearly defined statement(s) that leaves operators, pilots, cabin crew, service providers and post-de/anti-icing inspectors in no doubt about the aim of the programme.

The aim is to ensure that aircraft commence take-off only if they are in an airworthy state. Such statements are often referred to as “The Clean Wing (or Aircraft) Concept”, and can be supplemented with statements of relevance to each different aircraft make, type, and model.

ERA’s Current Position

ERA has been lobbying for the regulation of de-icing services for many years and regularly attends AEA's Icing Standards Group to ensure requirements for regional aircraft types are considered. ERA strongly advocates the following:

  • the introduction of a regulation governing de-icing service providers, to include training of de-icing personnel
  • the availability of fluids to be made available at all airports where they are required. Type 1 de-icing fluid, widely used by regional aircraft operators, is not always available at airports where larger aircraft types predominate. This is particularly important because this often forces turboprop and regional jet operators to accept Type 2 or Type 4 de-icing fluids, which may not be best-suited for these aircraft types.
  • further research into the certification and specification of fluids, with funding and investment from the relevant authorities.


Latest update 10/03/2017: The last meeting of the AEA De-Icing & Anti-Icing Working Group was held on 7–8 March 2017 at the Austrian Airlines Training Centre, Vienna Airport. A copy of the unconfirmed minutes of the meeting are available to view via the Downloads section on this page. The next meeting of the Working Group is planned for 12–13 September, in Helsinki.

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