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PiiQ - COVID-19 offer

PiiQ - COVID-19 offer

Piiq Risk Partners are a specialist aviation insurance brokerage focused on providing innovative solutions to the aerospace sector. Our team includes some of the industry’s leading talent, who are highly skilled in creating bespoke and strategic client solutions with unrivalled expertise.

To help restore demand for travel Piiq have developed an insurance solution to COVID19 that provides the passenger with confidence to travel. In the event that a passenger’s journey is disrupted due to COVID19 our solution will:

  • Pay for all disruption costs associated with COVID19
    - Including the cost of rebooking tickets, missed accommodation, forced quarantine and more
    - Medical costs for treatment abroad and repatriation if needed

This cover can be included in the price of the ticket or sold as a voluntary purchase on an airline’s website. 
COVID19 Insurance allows a passenger to travel with confidence knowing that if the worst were to happen the cost of their travel is covered. 

Download PiiQ 'COVID19 Insurance for the Passenger' document, click here

For more information please find an overview here or contact:
Oliver Bradburne 
D:  +44 (0)208 148 1596 
M: +44 (0)7850 914 796