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A personal message from ERA Director General, Montserrat Barriga (1 April): Another week has passed in these unprecedented times and the challenges continue for us all but in particular our airlines. At this time, the majority of all commercial flights have ceased with only repatriation and vital cargo operations taking place. As we entered into this new year and decade it was incomprehensible to think that we would be facing this global crisis of such magnitude just a few months in. The ERA team is working hard to mitigate where possible all non-essential legislative work and is collaborating with industry stakeholders, partners and institutes to protect the interests of our members. Please keep visiting the website here to read the newest information and announcements; it’s updated daily including at the weekends. To read my message in full click on the link below. 
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Lobbying action message from ERA's Director General

Updated 3 April: Dear ERA member, further to my recent mess

A personal message from ERA DG Montserrat Barriga

Updated 1 April: Dear ERA member colleague, another week ha

EUROCONTROL traffic updates

Updated daily: An interactive dashboard is available on the EURO

Latest updates from the WHO

Updated 5 April: WHO Situation Report

Covid-19 Notices to Airmen (NOTAM)

Updated 5 April: Please find a summary of the most signific

EACCC Pandemics Fact Sheet v2.8

Updated 3 April: To view and download the EACCC (European Aviati

ICAO Economic Report

Updated 3 April: For the latest ICAO Economic Report&n

The first aviation-related state aid measure to be approved by the Commission:

Updated 2 April: France notified the Commission of its inte

Pandemic non medical operational safety aspects

Updated 1 April: The Flight Safety Foundation report, pande

EACCC Update on Covid-19

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Network Manager Coordination

Updated 30 March: The Eurocontrol Network Manager is holdin

EC Guidelines: Facilitating Air Cargo Operations during COVID-19 outbreak

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European aviation’s collective voice says industry needs urgent financial support from all European governments to survive

Updated 25 March: European aviation’s collective voice says

Airline associations demand flexibility in this time of crisis

Updated 25 March: Airline associations demand flexibility i

EC: implementation of the green lanes and all transport-related restrictions at one place

Updated 24 March: European Commission issued

EC to enable Member States to use the full flexibility on state aid rules

Updated 20 March: Commissioner Vestager