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Air Traffic management (ATM) Security is a major component of airspace security and comprises three key areas:

  1. Self-protection of the ATM system: this addresses security and resilience of physical infrastructure, personnel, information and communication systems, ATM/CNS infrastructure and networks.
  2. When a security incident occurs it is to maintain the ATM service to the aircraft, to safeguard other traffic, to support other agencies that have responsibility for security and to restore the air traffic situation to normal as soon as possible.
  3. ATM Collaborative Support to civil and military authorities responsible for national security and defence.


ATM security is particularly vulnerable to cyber security threats. Over recent years, international collaboration has greatly improved between the organisations concerned. However, the threat is persistent and evolving, with particular focus on new emerging threats (cyber attacks on CNS systems, missile attacks, laser interference, RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, etc.) while maintaining a close watch on the full spectrum of threats through risk management processes.

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