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Successful Operations Group meeting in Cologne

The ERA Operations Group held a successful Spring meeting at the EASA Headquarters in Cologne on 14 March, attended by a number of airline members and other members of the Operations Group.

The Operations Group, chaired by Juan Manuel Diaz of ERA member Air Nostrum, is a forum for airline and other flight operations-related members. The group held its first meeting of 2017 at the new EASA Headquarters in Cologne in March with speakers presenting on a variety of relevant topics to participants. This event followed the successful joint Operations and Air Safety Group meeting held on Monday 13 March, which gave members of both groups an opportunity to discuss areas of relevant and common interest. 

Speakers at the Operations Group presented items that affect all in the European regional airline industry including the proposal for a National Aviation Authority Experience and Satisfaction Survey by Adrian Young, Senior Consultant at To70, and Vice Chairman of the group, which seeks to give member airlines an opportunity to comment, share and provide feedback to the agency their experiences of regulatory oversight, enforcement and cooperation from their own national authorities. 

Avionics equipage requirements and a review of the Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Regulation and Controller Pilot Datalink Communications update were provided, which gave delegates an opportunity to see the work that is being done within EASA, the European Commission, Eurocontrol and the SESAR Deployment Management team with respect to the currently mandated avionics equipage for Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations within the EU. Highlighting the work that ERA carries out on behalf of and with the assistance of our members in these institutions from a lobbying and technical expertise perspective, this presentation was complimented by a thorough and highly-informative talk by J.P. Rivet of ERA member Rockwell Collins – Arinc which detailed the products they currently offer to meet the mandated requirements as well as some useful information on work in progress for future applications such as ADS-B ‘In’ and Satellite Based Augmentation Systems for ADS-B and Satcom solutions for CPDLC. 

Hans-Jörg Lotter of ERA member AMST-Aviation provided a detailed oversight of a product designed specifically to accommodate EASA’s enhanced Upset Prevention and Recovery training requirements for CAT operators. Unlike conventional synthetic training devices, which are limited in both pitch and roll and minimal simulated sensory perception in terms of acceleration/deceleration and the effect of ‘G’ force and tolerance thereof on the pilot by nature of their fixed based, restricted motion construction, AMST-Aviation have developed a gimballed, short-arm centrifuge device which is capable of accurately simulating spatial disorientation and departure from controlled flight with associated physiological effects on a crewmember in a way that could only previously been practiced in a real aircraft. The highly convincing video that accompanied the presentation clearly demonstrated the value that such a device will doubtless bring to instructors and potentially line pilot training and standards.

The next meeting will be held during the Autumn. For further details of this and activities of the group, please see the ERA website and/or contact