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Joint User Requirements Group meeting 68

ERA attended the 68th meeting of the IATA Joint User Requirements Group (JURG), in Toulouse on 18–19 June at the facilities of Airbus to discuss various important communication, navigation and surveillance issues.

The Joint User Requirements Group meets up to three times a year and often holds an ad hoc meeting to discuss communication, navigation and surveillance related issues of particular regulatory provenance. The meeting held at Airbus Toulouse on 18-19 June was well attended by a number of airlines and was an opportunity to hear speakers from agencies such as EASA, Eurocontrol and the SESAR Deployment Manager, as well as service providers including Rockwell Collins ARINC and SITA provide an update on important issues relevant to all stakeholders.

An update on the work of the SESAR Deployment Manager on the Datalink Recovery Plan was given by SDM Deputy Managing Director and Technical Director Nicolas Warinsko and Davide Corinaldesi, the recently nominated SDM Datalink Recovery Project Manager. The SDM advised that their proposed plan will include the adoption of the so-called Model D architecture and described the success of multi-frequency deployment and the apparent resultant reduction in measured provider aborts. A description of a definition for 'best in class' avionics was also provided as well as the work done with EuroCAE to identify a certifiable solution. This was complimented by a good summary of the current state of the multi-frequency situation from the two service providers – ARINC and SITA who both presented data to support the SDM assessment of the reduction in provider aborts. The SDM also gave a summary of the annual monitoring exercise that is has undertaken in which all operators are invited to contribute. This is used as a tool for measuring the volume of SESAR projects deployed across the Member States and largely focussed on the main PCP airports. Eurocontrol, as the European Commission’s nominated Datalink monitoring resource announced the establishment of the Network Manager Datalink Performance Monitoring Group who will hold their first meeting on  06 September at the Eurocontrol premises in Brussels.

An overview of the CP2 Definition & PCP Review work by Airspace Users at the recent Airspace User Workshop held in Seeheim, Germany was given by IATA. ERA participated this workshop as reported in the last Members' Update and the overriding message from which was that our task is challenging and that the main objective remains to deliver a proposal that has been fully consulted with all the operational stakeholders and deliver this to the SESAR Joint Undertaking as a consolidated position.

EASA gave a summary of their ongoing tasks concerning the revision of EU 29/2009 - the Datalink Services Regulation and the establishment of 'best in class' criteria as well as the revision of the Surveillance Performance & Interoperability Regulation of which ERA is a member of the Rule Making Task Group. As previously reported, a  Notice of Proposed Amendment was anticipated to have been provided to the European Commission by the end of June however this appears increasingly unlikely. The proposed revision to the existing mandate could have a significant impact on our members and ERA is working to ensure that a timely and satisfactory outcome is reached, not least in terms of the timescale for retrofit described in the existing mandate.

The Joint User Requirements Group continues to be a very useful and highly focussed group and we will continue to participate and report on activities of the group as usual.

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