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Joint Air Safety and Operations Group meeting success

The first joint meeting of the ERA Air Safety and Operations Groups held at EASA’s Headquarters in Cologne on 13 March was a resounding success.

The respective chairs of the Operations and Air Safety group made the decision to hold the first round of meetings of 2017 in a joint session and by invitation of the Executive Director of EASA, the groups convened in Cologne for a constructive, educational and very useful session.

Presentations sharing common ground from both a safety and operational perspective were delivered at the request of members from EASA experts, member companies and other invited guest speakers covering important developments following the recommendations of the Germanwings Taskforce and delivery of EASA’s Opinion late last year concerning the development of Peer Support Programmes for aircrew, what the proposed regulation might look like and how it could be implemented and by whom.

EASA also gave a presentation on the future landscape of the agency advisory and stakeholder consultation process which highlighted the significant changes that EASA propose for the new Stakeholder and State Advisory Board composition moving forward. This is an area that ERA has played an important role in since the earliest days of the agency. ERA has submitted nominations for the new groups for consideration in the interest of ensuring proper consultation with members.

Jens Gjerlev representing member Widerøe, gave an insightful briefing on EASA NPA 2016/11 concerning new winter operations performance calculations which encompasses new EASA certification specification for landing performance and the lack of runway friction coefficient reporting to aircrew. Jens made the case for the value of quality of measurement of performance data and its criticality from an operational point of view and encouraged all airline members, particularly those operating to northern European destinations, to carefully consider this NPA. 

Widerøe also gave an excellent presentation covering their successful application for a Flight Time Limitation Derogation or Individual Flight Time Specification Scheme. This clear, concise and very informative session demonstrated the real value that this joint meeting delivered to members present as there is an unequivocal impact on safety and operational matters where FTLs are involved.

The feedback received following the meeting at the excellent and well-attended meal that evening demonstrated the real value in holding similar joint sessions again.