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ERA position on the EU ETS

ERA’s members have always recognised their role in protecting the environment from the impact of aviation on climate change and have generally supported efforts to develop European and international policy measures to help reduce aviation’s CO2 output. The recent agreement on a global market based measure at the ICAO Assembly was a significant achievement in policy terms. The EU must now decide on the future of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

ICAO, to its credit, has now delivered a global scheme that will include all European Union and European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) states and has a wider global scope than the current EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). At its recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), ERA members called on the EC to urgently come forward with a proposal to discontinue the EU ETS scheme and to implement the ICAO scheme and this will now form the basis of ERA’s lobbying.

As part of its lobbying position, ERA will be strongly opposing any proposal by the EU to implement a dual scheme (the ICAO scheme in parallel with the EU ETS) which ERA believes would bring no environmental benefit but will add even more administrative complexity with duplicated monitoring, reporting and verification requirements. This would disadvantage, in particular, European carriers, their passengers and cargo.