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EAB Financing

Are you an ERA airline chief financial officer (CFO), finance director or other senior financial representative?  If the answer is yes then the chief financial officers’ group is the ERA group you should attend, support and ultimately benefit from. The group’s motivation is to support ERA’s airline members in improving their efficiency, performance and financial management in key focussed areas, through its twice yearly meetings. The group’s intention is to develop best practice and to communicate pertinent information that can help drive significant results for those in attendance.

Who should attend? Representatives from an ERA member companies in the following roles; CEO and senior financial representatives

What are the meeting rules? Participants at the group will adhere to all relevant competition laws and guidelines and will act in a transparent manner at all times. Revenue and pricing policies will therefore not be discussed.

What does it cost to attend? Meetings are free to attend for any representative from an ERA member company

Is the meeting restricted? Attendance at the meeting is available to senior financial representatives from all ERA members

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the group?

What did the group achieve in 2016? Following the lobbying initiative completed by the group during 2015 and continuing into 2016, the European Investment Bank has made provision for up to €1 Billion of financing for regional airline fleet purchasing, and is working with ERA Member airlines to provide a financing stream for the purchase of regional aircraft. As a result of the research completed as part of this initiative, it became evident that there exists a gap in adequate financing for those operators who are required to upgrade avionics in compliance with EC Regulation yet do not meet the criteria for or find existing incentives unattractive. Following informal discussions with the EIB during the course of the Fleet Financing lobbying process, it was noted that it might be meaningful to create a source of financing for those airlines either unable to access co-funding for avionics upgrades that fall under the SESAR Deployment Manager CEF Call funding initiative, or find the terms of the co-funding (no more than 20% for airborne equipage) unattractive and who do not wish to purchase new airframes.
ERA was invited to a meeting at the EIB offices in Brussels on 12 December 2016 to further discuss a framework for a financing proposal to enable such operators to have access to potentially 50% of the cost of new avionics mandated under SES Regulation. The EIB was represented by the Head of Aviation, Maritime and Rail who was accompanied by his Senior Loan Officer New Products and Special Transactions and Transport Projects Director who had all travelled by road from the Bank’s Luxembourg Head Office – surely testament to their interest in such a facility.

When is the next meeting?  Details of the next meeting to come shortly

How do I register for the next meeting? Please click on ERA Group Events (in blue) at the top of the page to transfer to the registration page (when available)

What happened at the last meeting? Download the minutes and presentations from the last meeting from the drop down menu

What are the objectives of the group?  Download the terms of reference from the drop down menu

Who is the chair and vice chair/s for the group? See the photos and names at the bottom of the page

If you are a representative from a member company and require a password to retrieve papers or downloads, please contact