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Latest update 14/12/2016: please see below for more details.


ERA welcomes the EC's objective to engage with stakeholders and interested parties to gather views on policy options on noise from aviation and other modes of transport. Any national or European decision-making process on noise-related restrictions should rely on evidence-based assessments and be consistent with internationally endorsed principles set by ICAO.

As part of the ongoing evaluation of EU rules on environmental noise, the European Commission (EC) recently launched an online consultation collecting the views of interested stakeholders, addressing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and added value of the Environmental Noise Directive (END), European Directive 2002/30/EC. On 25 March 2016, ERA responded to the consultation and presented its members’ views on aircraft noise-related policies by co-signing an industry (ACI-Europe, AEA, EEA, ERA, and IATA) position paper on the Environmental Noise Directive which was enclosed to the questionnaire. ERA’s input to the consultation and the joint position paper on END are available via the downloads button.

By the end of 2016 the Commission is expected to present a full report to assess whether Directive 2002/49/EC has been achieving its objectives and whether the objectives are still valid. The Report would also assess the Directive’s relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and EU added value.

Based on the expected results of the evaluation, the Commission may decide to come forward with a legislative proposal revising the Directive.

ERA will be monitoring the outcome of the END consultation process both individually and through joint actions by the Council for Environmentally Friendly Aviation (CEFA), an industry group chaired by ERA and representing the environmental instances of airlines, airports, and manufacturers across Europe.


Latest update 14/12/2016: In July 2016 the Aviation Department of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) contacted ERA concerning the implementation of the so-called “Balanced Approach Regulation” (EU) No 598/2014, which has recently entered into force.

EASA has been designated by the European Commission as the responsible entity for collecting and making available aircraft noise performance information, under Article 7 of this Regulation, including aircraft noise certificates of all operators’ fleets in Europe. 

ERA is coordinating its positions with IATA and the other European airline associations in order to support EASA in designing the system which will allow the collection and sharing of noise certificates at the EU level.  ERA has already expressed its concerns regarding the potential disclosure of commercially sensitive information and its opposition to any further burden imposed on air operators from the collection of noise-related data for their fleet.

EASA attended the October 2016 meeting of the Council for Environmentally Friendly Aviation (CEFA), chaired by ERA, to present and agree an acceptable data collection system limiting any possible cost to the operators to the lowest level, bearing in mind that the vast majority of noise-related information is already stored by national aviation authorities and EUROCONTROL.

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