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Input received from States on measures taken on 29 March 2016.pdf

Latest update 30/03/2016: please see below for more details.


Following the last Icelandic volcanic eruptions and the severe impacts on European operations, the European Aviation Crisis Control Cell (EACCC) was formed. In the event of any future ATM major crisis, this will be convened under the direction of EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager in Brussels as an enhanced means of communications for operators, regulators and member states. This could include volcanic disruption, terrorism, humanitarian disasters, pandemics, uncontrolled re-entry of satellites and meteorites etc.

Communication will be vital and state ‘focal points’ have been nominated that can liaise within their own state authority, with EASA and other EU bodies such as DG ECHO (Humanitarian issues) and the European Space Agency (detailing possible threats from satellites and debris entering the atmosphere) as well as liaising with other transport modes.


Latest update 30/03/2016: Input received from States on measures taken on 29 March 2016 is available via the downloads button.

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