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Latest update 04/09/2015: please see below for more details.


Interoperability for a smooth and seamless transition towards a modernised global air traffic management (ATM) system requires internationally agreed standards, although does not mean the same solution everywhere but rather that ‘systems’ at many different levels should be able to work together.

For example NextGen in the USA and SESAR in Europe will deliver the technical basis for defining them through ICAO SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices) and coordinated industry standards. Common standards will also lower costs for the manufacturing industry which will be able to design equipment for a global market.

ERA’s Current Position

ERA continues to work closely with all stakeholders on the Interoperability issue through the auspices of groups detailed on the ‘Airspace’ page.


Latest update 04/09/2015: A Global System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Demonstrations website was officially launched at ATC Global in Beijing on 17 September 2014.The website represents a unique initiative geared towards worldwide demonstrations and the deployment of SWIM interoperability solutions. In this regard, global SWIM partners have joined together with a shared interest to: Share the latest news on SWIM demonstrations and standards targeting global ATM interoperability, foster the deployment of SWIM solutions and, strengthen international cooperation, based on consensus. See more below via the last link.

An interoperability avionics compliance matrix is available via the downloads button for reference.

Useful links

Further information relating to European SESAR and Interoperability is available from SESAR Joint Undertaking website on the following links:


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