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Industry Consultation Body (ICB)

Latest update 02/09/2016: please see below for more details


As part of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative the European Commission was required to establish the Industry Consultation Body (ICB) to provide the consultation mechanism needed to support SES implementation. The ICB is a platform for the definition of the future ATM strategy and its implementation, and provides all major stakeholders in the European air traffic management industry (ATM) with an opportunity to express their views directly to the Commission and the Member States. The principal task of the ICB is to provide strategic planning and technical advice to the European Commission.

ERA’s Position

ERA is a member of the ICB and attends all plenary meetings and agenda specific sub-committee meetings throughout the year. ERA plays an active role promoting the views, opinions and needs of members and the airspace user community and in 2015 has, through the ICB, reinforced opinions concerning important issues such as the ATM Masterplan and SESAR Deployment, communication, navigation and surveillance.


Latest update 02/09/2016: The Industry Consultation Board (ICB) of which ERA is a member and enthusiastically participates, has published its Annual Status Report for 2015, summarising the achievements of the past year and the challenges we are faced with in 2016. The publication of the ICB’s vision for SES in early 2015 was a major milestone for the ICB. It demonstrated, to the Commission and the wider sector, the commitment of industry stakeholders to work together in order to achieve a better future.

2016 has been a year of strengthening the ICB’s vision through a proactive and strategic work programme – continuing a solid baseline of core work whilst dedicating time to tackling big, challenging topics that shape the core of the industry, and that are at the heart of its vision. Identifying meaningful consensus on complex topics such as an Independent Performance and Economic Regulator, balanced with the pressures members are naturally under from their own organisations have proved to be ambitious but achievable targets.

The ICB’s vision for SES has been a catalyst in the sector for reinvigorated work on a framework for SES policy direction at EU level. This started with the Commission workshop in May 2015 which brought together stakeholders – industry, SES-related bodies, member states and military – to discuss what the Single European Sky should look like in twenty to thirty years. Chair of the ICB, Olaf Dlugi was proud to present the ICB vision at this workshop and was also pleased to participate in group discussions which were based around the three frameworks in the ICB’s vision. The Single Sky Committee is likely to finalise its own SES Vision in 2016. Together with reflection on the new EU Aviation Strategy, the ICB eagerly anticipates the beginning of an important process of dialogue with Member States and the Commission.

For 2016 and into 2017, the ICB must try to keep the momentum of our vision alive and be ambitious to have its say in shaping the future of SES.

This Annual Status Report (please see useful links below) provides an overview of the main activities and achievements of the ICB in 2015, and the challenges for the ICB in 2016.

The next ICB Plenary Meeting will be held on 21/09/2016.

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ICB Annual Status Report 2015


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