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Coordination of Airspace User Activities

Latest update 20/01/2016: please see below for more details.


Managing airspace and the infrastructure required to meet the needs of all air operators is highly complex. Policy is coordinated through the Air Operators Infrastructure Policy Group (AIPG) of which ERA is a member.


The Air Operators Infrastructure Policy Group (AIPG) was formed in 2006 in order to formalise the coordination of air operator policy on European infrastructure development. The growing cost of infrastructure provision to operators, the inefficiency of the current system and the projected future demand for air travel make the development of infrastructure a major strategic policy item for air operators. The development of the Single European Sky project and SESAR presents significant benefits and risks to air operators which need coordinated input from air operators. The AIPG exists to ensure that policy is coordinated at the highest possible level amongst air operators associations.


To ensure a coordinated approach to the strategic development of Europe's ATM infrastructure policy & governance, the constituent members of AIPG will:

  • share knowledge, information and views
  • develop common positions on infrastructure related issues and policies whenever possible
  • when it is desirable to have a consolidated "Industry" position (eg the future Governance of the ATM sector), coordination with CANSO will be organised.
  • put forward AIPG positions to bodies such as the Eurocontrol Agency, the European Commission (EC), the European Parliament (EP) and European Air Navigation Service Providers.
  • seek to inform decision-makers, opinion-formers and the regulators on the positions taken by the AIPG


Membership is open to associations of air operators in Europe including AEA, EBAA, ELFAA, ERA, IACA and IATA. ERA is a founding member of AIPG.


Latest update 20/01/2016: ERA will participate in AIPG activity throughout 2016.


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