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Data Link

Latest update 10 January 2017: please see below for more details.


Regulation (EU) 2015/310 of 26 February 2015 amending Regulation (EC) No 29/2009 describes the data link compliance requirements for data link services within the single European sky. The original Regulation was amended due to implementation and deployment issues in addition to on-going service performance issues. The significant amendments are:

  • The date of implementation affecting aircraft with an individual CofA first issued before 01 January 2014  is 05 February 2020,
  • Aircraft first issued an individual CofA before 31 December 2003 that shall cease operating before 31 December 2022 need not be equipped, and
  • Entry into force and application of the Regulation  shall be 05 February 2018.



Despite the on-going issues with data link, the huge investment already made and the fact that data link is a major enabler for other projects within the Pilot Common Project means that the programme will certainly continue until a solution is found. Therefore ERA will continue to work closely with the SESAR Deployment Manager, the Commission and all stakeholders through the auspices of bodies such as the ICB, DLISG, AAB and ATM IG, and other Airspace User Associations to ensure members are part of the process and remain fully advised throughout.


Latest update 13/07/16: As the use of VDL2 for CPDLC using ATN became more widespread, certain performance issues were observed that raised concerns on the usability of the system, principally, the high incidence of involuntary Provider Aborts (PAs). Some of these issues were attributed to specific avionics installations for which solutions have been identified and corrected but other problems remained. Multifrequency ground stations are being deployed and the provider abort rate has been reported to be reducing.

The full report is available to download from this page.


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