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CNS Infrastructure Team

Latest update 31/03/2016: please see below for details.


The CNS Infrastructure Team (CNS-T) is a technical, operational, specialist advisory body, established within the framework of EUROCONTROL, providing a direct channel of consultation between all stakeholders involved in the Communication, Surveillance and Navigation infrastructure areas.  The CNS-T objective is to ensure the planning and implementation of a safe and cost-efficient European CNS infrastructure. It facilitates Pan-European buy-in and follow-up from concept to delivery, from research to very short term/tactical or deployment issues and provides civil-military coordination.

Background Information

The team which reports to and is governed by the Agency Advisory Body (AAB), operates on a rolling one year work programme, approved by the AAB.

ERA’s Current Position

ERA supports the work carried out by the CNS-T and attends meetings on a case-by-case basis subject to the relevance of the agenda.


Latest update 31/03/2016: The ERA Directorate attended AAB/14 on the 15-16 March where a number of CNS related topics were discussed. We will attend CNS Infrastructure Team meetings when announced during 2016 depending on the agenda.


A copy of CNS Team No 7 conclusions recommendations and summary of discussions is available via the Downloads button.


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